u dont have to think about something never make u grow, okeiii its enough to read it, accept it, happy for u, my soul

im sad, and its ok

 hi buddy, howwy ur day? btw, i bring some a good news, actually i keep it this news coz im scared to tell u guys, and who cares too hahah so yeahh, at the end i choose to be a med-stud, and now i am officially a medical student of private school ( university ) in bandung, u know, its scared me. tbh i feel so bless cozz im surrounding with a lots of kind ppl, but its still hard to find a 'best friend' u know what i mean? dude, what about boyfie? i think if i found it, i prefer to keep it coz isnt a right time to think abt that, i mean everyone need a support system rigth? but im just afraid if it will be a boomerang for me. im scared buddy, for real. im scared when all the ppl call me bu dok... like dude, i see that, i feel like everyone look at me and say " Little girl with no brain really trying to get that name" fuck my mind. so yeah, idk, for now i hope i cant rest from my mind, and forgeting the pain from all the ppl who make me feel so numb and afraid to make a


 the world never give something u want, who knows? but if slow down and trying to accept the missery, sometimes its feel so addicted. and sometimes this life give a piece of cupcakes, for make u smile even just for a second. its hard i know, but its life.


in over the moon movie, chang'e said and if u give love you'll never lose love it only grows more and more. and ill hold it in my hand, ill keep it in my head. i think i must to learn make dumpling and mooncake rn.

aint sunshine

 i did that again, self harm, idk how many times. its hard for me, failure, i dont know how to be a good kid or maybe a cool kid? lol its so sucks, life was so suck, idk again. my body, i cant feel it, its too plain.


 i cant stop to feel sad, idk how to stop.


before all my friend know my comfort zone, maybe ill sambat in here until ape ya. until i feel little bit better, or totally better. so yesterday its announce day from ltmpt abt result of utbk in (i forgot) and yahh, i have done. and i failed, thats fine, no stress, deal with it. but idk why tehre is a lots of ppl who dont give a fuck with ur feelin, @/all the ppl in that fucking group can u guys just shut the fuck up of ur mouth and ur finger for a while? stupid. i mean when u go to twitter or ig maybe its our job for control our mind or stop scrolling through the timeline. but how about text? its so stupid, for sure, totally stupid. i dont give a fuck if someone saw this post and know its mean from him, i totally hate u and please i want to kick ur ass off. yeah, and its my first time did a self harm, u tell me if i seek any attention? yeah of course, but who gonna found this blog? when i said that i really proud of my friennds, i really mean it. but idk, i feel so fragile, lmao. kek