hujan hari ini bawa duka.
tapi di giring suka denga temali.
awan mendung bawa aku merantau jauh ke masa lalu.
di peluk kalbu di peluk rindu.
ada sakit yang terbayar.
pilu yang sudah membiru.
hujan dan history di setiap butir nya yang jatuh.


hampir temaram.
untung di selamtakan.

lupa, sekarang jadi elegi.
lupa sekarang jad cerita.


Judge me!
i never deserve  of this gifted. judge me! im just little person againts my self.
i fell a slept. nightmare came brought me to neverland. awake from the nightmare. but sorry, life is a bigets nightmare honey. its deserve for all.
hallo young soul. im back off with the selfish gene. can i just stay at home. stay at the time. and calm down with a rainy day. hei, im so tired lately. sorry but its more asshole than asshole. im tried and tired. im worry, and worries. its more than acnes, its more than cramps.
quiet, its quiet time. stop breathing. im sorry.

gambar dapat berbicara

the sky talk to me.
i hate being rude btw.
i hate my duck face everywhere.
i hate to be me.
 i hate to be you/

my quarantine story.

Salam alaikum

hai hello belly, good night, lol ini shubuh :F
so coz im feelin so bored rn, i want to talk about my quarantine story, taraa.
hm, im so lazy to talk about the covid 19 with all stories like government, conspiracy, or bla bla. lets to be normal person for now.
so my school told us to stay at home, and go back to home (i'am school in boarding school),  i have a lot a free time in my day, coz my school its a strict school and when  i go back to my home i got my huge privacy again, everyday with my self.
and i felt so bored, actually i got so a lot of task but, I DONT DO THAT LO, and still bacot if i felt so bored!.
so start when my country ask us to stay at home, i did something different in my normally habbit. lol.
 i write in my blogga again. fix my own novel (tp gak jadi jadi ituu) i use snapchat again (lol) got new friend from tandem and hop (Seriously haha). reply every bodeh snap gram stories, it was so fun and amazing when their ans my reply, coz some times i thou…

university i'm coming


hi, its for u.

salam alaikum.

hi, nice to know u, like everytime, every hour, u stole my mind.
its asshole.
i'm sorry.
maybe it will be a wrost letter.
but, thanks for the answer.
thanks to made my day, made my smile.
its create just for u, if u felt u already do that thing for me.

like im thinking about, how to lose u, how to keep this feel.
i'm 17, hold on, im sure i made  this.
for all of u.
idk how to explain.
like "how", idk how.
can u imagine, everyday, my timeline and u.
my feelin and you.
sucks, i cant explain this front of u.
some day if u ask me about this.
i will ans the truth.
with the right way. x.